B.C.A. International Autumn Tournament 2009

This Autumn tournament was the Peter Price memorial, dedicated to the late Peter Price, who was a greatly valued member of our association.

This was held at the Legacy Hotel, Chesterfield, 13-15 November 2009. 33 Players competed in the 2008 International Autumn Tournament. 20 in the Open and 13 in the minor.

Once again, the event was held at the conveniently situated Legacy Hotel, Chesterfield.

The open was won jointly between Graham Lilley, Tyson Mordue and Chris Ross, the latter taking the Ted Williams Shield on tie-break.

The minor produced a clear winner with Phil Smith a clear point ahead with 5/5.

Peter Price Memorial trophies were awarded to the top three players for them to keep. The players were ranked in tie-break order.

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Final placings:


1st-3rd: Graham Lilley, Tyson Mordue and Chris Ross (winning trophy on tie-break) 4/5.

4th: Colin Chambers (grading prize A) 3.5/5.

5th-9th: Les Whittle (Grading Prize B), Richard Murphy (Grading Prize C), Tristram Cole, Steve Burnell and Ernie McElroy 3/5.

10th-13th: Bill Armstrong, Alec Crombie and Eamonn Casey 2.5/5.

14th-17th: Stephen Brown (Grading Prize D), Norman Wragg, John Gallagher and Hans Cohn 2/5.

18th-19th: Sean Loftus and Phil Gordon 1.5/5.

20th: Mark Kirkham 0.5/5.


1st: Phil Smith 5/5.

2nd: George Phillips 4/5.

3rd-5th: Mark Hague (grading prize A), Voldi Gailans and Jim Cuthbert 3/5.

6th-9th: Gary Wickett (Grading prize A2), Geoff Patching, Thomas Keneally and Dorothy Hodges (all sharing grading prize B) 2.5/5.

10th-11th: Lea Ryan (Grading Prize C) and John Osborne 2/5.

12th: Richard Harrington 1.5/5.

13th: Danny Scarrott 1/5.Photograph of Juliet Reeve, who provided many of the Peter Price Memorial trophie

All of the prizes and trophies were presented by Peter Price's dear friend, Juliet Reeve, who provided many of the Peter Price Memorial trophies and made a very generous contribution to the prize fund.

The arbiters for this event were Gerry Walsh and Julie Leonard.

Our thanks go to the hotel, the organiser Stephen Burnell and to all the sighted assistants during the weekend.














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