BCA International Autumn Congress 2017

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The BCA Autumn Tournament was held in Solihull at the weekend. The final scores are below. 

Congratulations to all the prize winners!

Efe Shimwell receives the trophy from Roger Edwards.


5 points: Chris Ross 

3.5 points: David Mabbs and Owen Phillips

3 points: Norman Wragg (Grading Prize)

2.5 points: Norman Andrews, Bill Armstrong, Ian Blencowe, Steve Burnell, Colin Chambers and Philip Doyle

2 points: Sean Loftus (Grading Prize) and Stan Lovell

1.5 points: Eamonn Casey, Mark Hague, Ernie McElroy, Richard Murphy

Chris Ross receives the trophy from Roger Edwards


4.5 points: Efe Shimwell

4 points: Dan Rugman

3.5 points: George Phillips and Gary Wickett

3 points: Gill Smith (Grading Prize)

2.5 points: Voldi Gailans

2 points: Jim Cuthbert, Richard Harrington (Grading Prize), Tony Lawton and Michael Lowery

0 points: Eleanor Tew


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