B.C.A. 75th Anniversary International Autumn Tournament 2007

75 and still growing.

The Braille Chess Association celebrated its 75th year with two events, the strongest ever international event for blind and partially sighted players at Durham in August. In November, we held a more localcelebration with 50 competitors plus partners and friends from the UK , the Netherlands, and Ireland at Solihullís Holiday Inn. for a weekend rapid play. It was decided to have a rapid play tournament to allow more social time and for a leisurely celebration dinner, where chairman Alec Crombiepaid tribute to the many who have helped us reach this milestone, such as arbiters , Gerry Walsh, Peter Gibbs, and Julie Leonard, our resourcefulfund- raiser, Julia Scott., past and present officials, Hans Cohn, Stan Lovell, and Norman Wragg.We also welcomed one of our youngest ever competitors, 9 year oldQuinn Stemson who, like all our junior entries, enjoyed the event free of charge.

The B.C.A. prides itself on its sociable side but over the board the rivalry is keen.In the end the top seeds triumphed, Chris Ross, Colin Crouch and Graham Lilley†† won the Open scoring†† 4 from 5, with Chris having the trophy on tie break. Their†† international team-mates Steve Hilton and Bill Armstrong came fourth= while grading prizes went to Sean Loftus and Ernie McElroy (both from Ireland) Steve Thacker and Rob van Aurich (Netherlands).

In the Minor, Richard Kidals scored 4.5to win, closely followed by George Phillips, Orlando Sobers, and Mark Kirk ham.Geoff Patching, John Osborne and Ed Green shared the main grading awards whileonce again Dorothy Hodges emerged as the best in the lower graded group.

With such a strongly supported event and a thriving entry in the 4NCL

The B.C.A. is looking forward to another twenty five years of successful growthto reach our centenary in 2032.

Bill Armstrong
B.C.A. Publicity officer
November 2007












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