BCA British Championship 2013

BCA British Championship 2013


View of the Chess room


25May - 01 June 2013, Morecambe.

Bill Armstrong regains the British Title he previously won 30 years ago.


Photograph of Bill Armstrong receiving his prize


There were plenty of results going against the grades in the BCA British open championship held at the Auckland hotel, Morecambe from 25 May to 1 June 2013.

This time the Championship was an open event as it was known some of the leading players would not compete due to the IBCA World Team championship being scheduled to start just ten days after the Morecambe tournament.


Associate member, Norman Stephenson went through the tournament undefeated with 6/7 being held to draws by Bill armstrong and Stan Lovell.   Bill Armstrong, the highest graded of the UK vi players, had shakey moments when in round 2 he had an inferior position against Stan Lovell, when his opponent made a catastrophic mistake which gave Bill the full point and in round 6 when he unexpectedly lost to bottom seed, Voldi Gailans, who was playing well above his grade.  Phil Gordon, meanwhile, was mounting a strong challenge and when he drew his 5th round game against Bill and followed this up with a win against Stan he seemed destined to a share of the title.  This, however, did not reckon with another of the lower seeds, guy Whitehouse, who had been making steady progress crowning his very good tournament with a final win against Phil, which scuppered Phil's chance of the top spot and gained Guy a share of the prizes.  This allowed Bill to take a final round draw which ensured him of the title.

With this result Bill armstrong qualified to represent UK in the IBCA World Individuals championship scheduled for Corfu in 2014.

Gary Wickett receiving his prize

8 Players competed in the minor tournament which was won by steve Brown with 6.5/7 followed by Gary Wickett 6.  Grading prizes were won by Dan Rugman and Stan Lightowler.

The tournament was controlled by David Welch and Matthew Carr assisted by Norman Andrews.




1st Norman Stephenson 6/7

2nd Bill Armstrong 4/7 (BCA Champion)

3th - Stan Lovell 4/7
4th - Philip Gorgon 4//7
5th - Guy Whitehouse 4/7 (Grading Prize)
6th - Eamonn casey 3.5/7
7th sean Loftus 3.5/7
8th - Voldi gailans 3.5/7

9th - Steve Thacker 3/7

10th - George Phillips 0.5/7



1st - Stephen Brown 6/7
2nd- Gary Wickett 6/7 (Coaching Prize)

3rd- Jim Cuthbert 4/7 (grading prize)
4th - Daniel Rugman 4/7 (Slow starter Coaching & Grading prize)
Stan Lightowler 2/7

Photograph of Stephen Brown

Full Results


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