From 28th August to 6th September 2003, five members of Junior B.C.A. - Simon Ledwith, Darren Paskell, Alastair Irving, Robin Williams, and Yan Kit Chan - went to Mondariz Balneario, Spain, to compete in the Third World Junior Championship for visually handicapped players. They were accompanied by coach and guide, Paul Cumbers. 10 countries were represented by 23 players. Nine rounds of chess were played under the same conditions as for sighted players apart from essential modifications to the board and pieces.

The British players faced some tough opposition, particularly considering that it was the first time they had played in an international tournament and their visual impairment was, overall, greater than that of the other teams. Final scores of the 'Junior B.C.A.' team were:


6th, Yan Kit Chan 5/9
11th, Robin Williams 4.5/9
16th, Alastair Irving 4/9
20th, Darren Paskell 3.5/9
22nd, Simon Ledwith 2.5/9

The tournament was a valuable experience for the British juniors. The B.C.A. is grateful to all its sponsors and supporters whose donations allowed us to meet the costs of travel and accommodation and enable the team to compete at the highest international level.





















B.C.A. 2004