The BCA's latest over-the board event was its Minor Tournament at the Red Lea Hotel, Prince of Wales Terrace, Scarborough, 8th-15th May. It was held over six rounds, under the same playing conditions as for sighted players except for essential modifications to the board and pieces. 16 players from all over the country and the Republic of Ireland took part. Coaching from experienced BCA members was provided between playing sessions.

Top spot went to John Gallagher (Leeds) on 5.5 points. John won the Stephen Eastwick-Field Memorial Trophy, named in honour of a dedicated BCA member who took part in many Minor tournaments. John was followed by Stan Lovell (Redcar) on 4.5 points and Phil Gordon (Isle of Wight) with 4 points. Phil Smith (Derby), Orlando Sobers (Birmingham) and Geoff Patching (Penzance) won prizes in their sections, while Chris Brown (Cheltenham) and Shirley Watkins (Blackpool) shared the Ladies' prize.

John also won an informal quickplay event, held on the Wednesday evening.

Although the chess is taken very seriously, BCA events are also social events, enabling visually handicapped people from all over the country to meet their friends. Highlights of this week included a quiz run by Associate member Sheila Milsom, a visit to a local jazz club, and a day trip to Whitby.

The BCA would like to thank the Tournament Organiser, Stan Lovell, controller, Peter Gibbs, and Norman Andrews who assisted as steward throughout.





















B.C.A. 2004