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BCA British Championship 2019

BCA Chairman's Cup 2018

BCA Autumn Tournament 2018

Chris Ross wins at Derby while Efe Shimwell steals the limelight

BCA AGM 2017

BCA International Autumn Congress 2017

BCA Performs Well in the Olympiad 2017, Macedonia

Bill Armstrong wins the B.C.A. British Championships 2017

BCA Junior Championship 2017

The David Hodgkin’s Memorial, Derby 2016!

BCA Junior Championship 2016

BCA Chairman's Cup 2016

UK team battles in first IBCA European Team Championship

BCA players take part in annual chess event in Haaksbergen, 2016

BCA International Autumn Congress 2016

BCA teams in National Clubs Championships, 2016

3 BCA players participate in the Colin Crouch Celebration Congress

The Lucy Walsh and Mary Cuthbert Memorial

Chris Ross comes equal second in the IBCA European Championships, Lyon 2015

BCA Junior Championship 2015

BCA AGM Congress 2015

Bill Battles to retain title

BCA in the Six-Nations 2015

Pat and Sean O'Brien's Memorial Tournament 2014

World Individual 2014

BCA Junior Championship 2014

B.C.A. AGM Congress 2014

Six Nations, Belgium 2013

BCA International Autumn Tournament 2013

British Championship 2013

B.C.A. AGM Congress 2013

BCA International Autumn Tournament, Harrogate 2012

14th IBCA Olympiad 2012

Chairman's Cup, Bournemouth 2012

Chris Ross and Tristram Cole share top places in 2012 AGM Tournament!

Chris and Graham share top places in 2011 Autumn Tournament

British Championship for visually impaired, Scarborough 2011

UK take Silver in 2011 Six Nations Tournament Stan Lovell

5th IBCA European Individual Championship, Rhodes 2011

B.C.A. AGM Congress 2011

B.C.A. International Autumn Tournament 2010

I.B.C.A. XII World Individual Championships 2010 Results

Stephen East-wickfield tournament 2010

I.B.C.A 6th World Cup 2010

B.C.A. A.G.M. 2010

The Six Nation Congress 2009

B.C.A. International Autumn Tournament 2009

B.C.A. A.G.M. 2009

B.C.A. British Championship, Weston Super Mare 2009

I.B.C.A. Louis Braille Bicentenary 2009

B.C.A. International Autumn Tournament 2008

United Kingdom win 6th place in I.B.C.A. Olympiad!

B.C.A. Rapid-play 2008

Stephen Eastwick-Field Memorial Tournament 2008

B.C.A. A.G.M. March 2008

B.C.A. 75th Anniversary International Autumn Tournament 2007

Report in German about the 6 Nations 2007

B.C.A. British Championship 2007

B.C.A. A.G.M. Derby 2007

B.C.A A.G.M London 2006 by B.C.A. Team

B.C.A. Autumn International Tournament 2006

I.B.C.A. World Individual Championships, Goa 2006

Autumn Tournament 2005 by Bill Armstrong

I.B.C.A. World Championship 2005 By Colin Chambers

B.C.A. British Championship 2005

B.C.A. A.G.M. Newton Aycliffe 2005

Six Nations Bestman Memorial 2005

The B.C.A. Autumn International Tournament 2004

12th I.B.C.A. Olympiad - Tarragona 2004

The World Junior Championships 2004

B.C.A. Minor Tournament 2004 2nd report

B.C.A. Minor Tournament 2004

Chris Ross describes Graham Lilley's last round win By Chris Ross

The B.C.A. A.G.M. , Derby 2004 By Richard Murphy

The B.C.A. Autumn International Tournament 2003

B.C.A. Championship 2003

The British Under 21 Championship 2003

The B.C.A. A.G.M. Tournament, Bedford 2003 By Richard Murphy

X I.B.C.A. World Individual Championship 2002

B.C.A. Autumn Tournament 2002 By Richard Murphy

B.C.A. Irish Open 2002 by the B.C.A.I

B.C.A. Irish Open 2002

B.C.A. Rapid Play Championship 2002

B.C.A. Under 21 Championship 2002

The B.C.A. Minor Tournament 2002

The B.C.A. AGM 2002

British Championship 2001

Six Nations Team Tournament 2001


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