10-11 August 2002.
Held at the Marriot Hotel, Grantham.

A disappointing turn-out all round.

The B.C.A. Rapidplay Championship was held at the Marriot Hotel, Grantham on 10-11 August. To provide an even number of competitors, British Chess Federation (BCF) President, Gerry Walsh, was invited to take part in the 5-round event. Each player had 30 minutes to make all the moves. Graham Lilley (St. Helens) and Colin Chambers (Cheltenham) scored 4/5, but Graham was slightly better on the tie-break and therefore won the trophy and the title of B.C.A. Rapidplay Champion 2002. Gerry Walsh finished third on 3/5.

Picture of Colin Chambers
Colin Chambers verses Gerry Walsh

Just five blind players contested the Rapid-play Championship. Why is it that so many blind players feel uncomfortable with this form of chess? After all, it is about the speed we would play in a friendly in the pub! Gerry Walsh dashed the 280 miles from Torquay, where he had been at the prize-giving for the British, to make up the number so we could have an all-play-all.

Picture of Graham Lilley
Graham Lilley verses Gerry Walsh

It was no surprise that Colin Chambers and Graham shared top spot with 4 from 5. Graham just shaded it with a better tie-break. Gerry scored 3, Steve Thacker 2, David Hodgkins 1.5 and the author of this report a dismal .5.

Picture of Stan Lovell and Gerry Walsh
Stan Lovell verses Gerry Walsh

What do we do?

How can we boost this event?

Should we change the time of year?

Should we invite Associate members to take part?

Weigh in with your ideas!

Stan Lovell Secretary of B.C.A.,
August 2002


























B.C.A. 2002