BCA Windermere Theme Break 2019

Listen to the song "If you are going to Windermere Manor" by Gary Wickett

Lyrics of the song "if you're going to Windermere Manor" by Gary Wickett

The Windermere Chess Theme break ran from Saturday 26 January to Saturday 2 February 2019. This is a coaching week with a short handicap tournament starting on the Wednesday.

There were eight players in the tournament which were divided into two groups of four players. Each group was an all play all with the top player/players going through into the final.

Group A consisted of Alan Kearsley, Abi Baker, Rebecca Blaevoet and Mark Hague. 

Group B consisted of Richard Harrington, Tony Lawton, Lea Ryan and Gary Wickett.

The time control for all games was just one hour, and Depending on your strength and the strength of your opponent, you might begin the game with just 20 to 40 minutes on your clock. There was no knowing whose name would end up on the coveted trophy! All games were hard fought and everyone managed a win.

In group A Rebecca qualified with 2 points: beating Abi and Alan but going on to lose to Mark.

Abi also qualified with 2 points: Beating Alan and Mark but losing to Rebecca.

Mark and Alan both finished on 1 point: Mark with his win against Rebecca and Alan with his win against Mark. 

In group B Gary qualified with 2 points losing his first game to Tony but going on to beat Lea and Richard. 

Tony scored 1.5, with his win against Gary and drawing with Lea.

Lea scored 1.5 beating Richard and drawing with Tony. 

Richard scored 1 with his win against Tony.

A century had turned since Shirley Watkins became the only woman to have her name inscribed on the illustrious trophy. Was that all to change? There were now two women in the final! 

The first game was Abi v Rebecca. They had met in the first round and Abi had a score to settle! I nervously followed the game. It was hard fought with many twists and turns but Abi eventually came out the victor.

My first opponent was Rebecca. I was playing fast and fierce! I didn’t want my flag to fall! I seemed to have the upper hand, when Rebecca won my queen with a fatal pin. Both queens were now off the board but in the nick of time I swindled the win! 

So with Abi and myself both on one point, the final game was the clincher. Once again it was a hard fought battle. The queens were off and both our clocks were rapidly ticking down. I was up in material but I was struggling to find the win. I didn’t dare look at the clocks, when my ears were greeted by the sweet music of the falling flag announcing my victory!

Joan’s Soiree was another big highlight of the week and Peter Gibbs rounded the week off with a simultaneous display where he beat all eight opponents.

Once again it was a fantastic week and many thanks go to Peter, Celia and everyone else who helped make it the success it has always been. Contact Windermere Manor if you wish to book up for Next January.

Gary Wickett
Feburary 2019


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