I.B.C.A. World Championship 2005

By Colin Chambers (captain)

The 5th I.B.C.A. World Cup for Visually Impaired Chess Players was held at The Eretria Village Hotel, Evia Island, Greece, from 12th to 21st July. Besides being very picturesque, this village type setting provided good food and accommodation, good playing conditions and plenty of recreational facilities.

Our squad, in board order, was Bill Armstrong, Steve Hilton, Les Whittle, myself, Colin Chambers (Captain), and Norman Wragg (reserve). Our team was rated 14th out of 15 teams and our final standing was 14th. We felt a little disappointed at this, because we felt a combination of factors worked against us. For instance, my very bad form, some gamesmanship by the opposition and one or two spots of bad luck. Nevertheless, I was proud to be captain of such an enthusiastic team and all my players deserve special mention. However, I will confine myself to the outstanding 50% by our reserve, Norman Wragg.

The rest of the B.C.A. party consisted of Pat Armstrong, Barbara Chambers, Moira Whittle and Pauline Wragg. The B.C.A. party was accompanied by my son, Steve Chambers, his wife Judith, and their three sons, Jack, Jamie and Toby. We all got on extremely well and it was a pleasure to be a member of such a delightful crowd of people.

My thanks go to Pauline Wragg for efficiently handling, and conducting, our pre match preparation. Also, thanks to my son, Steve Chambers, for helping to write out G.B. games for the bulletins. My thanks go to our entire party for the excellent support provided to the players at all times.

Obviously, the death on the penultimate evening of I.B.C.A. President Burdio cast a cloud over the final day. Naturally, the thoughts of the British party were with his family.

The Greek organisers have every reason to be satisfied with the event and I congratulate them on their efforts.

Colin Chambers

Sunday 24th July 2005


Results of the World Cup 2005

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