Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People


Accessible Chess Equipment

Tactile chess sets

Tactile  chess set Visually impaired players use a tactile set which they are allowed to touch during play. The dark squares are raised above the light squares and the pieces of one colour (usually Black) are capped by small pins or spikes. Each piece is secured in the middle of the square either by a peg in the bottom of the piece which goes into a hole in the square or by magnets in both the piece and the square.

Photograph of Braille chess set We currently have pegged Staunton sets available in two sizes. A 25cm board at £42 and a 33cm board at £52. Visually impaired members who live in the UK can buy their first set at £30 or £40.

We welcome suggestions for improvements or variations on the design of chess sets. To make suggestions or for more information contact the technical sub-committee.

Digital talking chess clock

These clocks have a screen for sighted players and audio feedback through headphones for visually impaired players. Players can hear the time on both clocks and which one is running. All features are accessible including incremental time. We sell these clocks at a discounted price of £60. This offer is only available to members of the BCA who live in the UK. Other interested parties should contact the manufacturer directly.

BCA member  using   a digital clock with headphones Juan Carlos,
Fundosa Accesibilidad SA,
Carrer Del Corral 2,
08014 Barcelona
Email: Juan Carlos

Tactile chess clocks

Tactile chess clock These clocks have the glass removed from both faces so that visually impaired players can feel the position of the hands. Tactile markings on the faces allow for more accurate reading of the time and the flag is attached to a spring so that it makes an audible click when it falls. We are currently unable to provide these clocks. If you are aware of any producers of tactile clocks, please contact the technical sub-committee.