Our refund policy

When buying a chess set or a chess clock from us, you have the right to cancel your order within seven days of payment or seven days of receipt of goods, whichever is the longer. If you wish to cancel your order please contact us to confirm how to return your items. We will then refund your payment. Please note, we do not always have equipment in stock so please contact us before sending payment and we will confirm availability and cost.

After you have paid us for accommodation we can only offer a refund if the cancellation is made before we have paid the hotel.  After we have paid the hotel there is no guarantee that you will be refunded as this depends on the hotelsí policies.  Occasionally a late booking may be able to take up your room and then you may be refunded. This is why we recommend that you take out holiday insurance to cover your booking. Receipts are available on request.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss a purchase before making a payment. Email customerservices@braillechess.org.uk or phone our Chairman, Bill Armstrong, on 0153 837 1466.