Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

Picture of a tournament in full swing
Players prepare for play to begin

Chess is a game anyone can play, including those with a vision impairment. The word "Braille" is in our name because it was a major part of our activities when we were founded in the 1930s. Although some of our members use it as a medium, it is certainly not a requirement. We currently support over 150 visually impaired players and learners, and have over 70 members without a visual impairment who assist us in a variety of ways.

Guy Whitehouse holding ECF award for contribution to accessible chess 2021
BCA wins ECF award for contribution to accessible chess

Getting started. From basics to checkmates and how visually impaired people play, we can help.

Improve your play! We have accessible learning materials and offer members free sessions with experienced coaches.

Need a tactile chess set? Our sets are made to our own specifications and we check every board and piece for usability.

Our over-the-board events are run in guidedog friendly hotels.

Spring and Autumn email events with 3 months of play.

Correspondence events for folks who prefer tape or Braille.

COVID safe events via Zoom, Skype and email.

Going high tech? We can help you play online, use accessible software and use a talking chessclock.

Malola Prasath wins 2020 best game prize

Every year we nominate a member to choose their favourite game from the last year. Whether it’s a brilliant tactic, masterful strategy, or an outstanding performance from a developing player.

Member Profiles

From South Africa's answer to Hank Marvin (Ivor Wagner)) to the UK's first visually impaired judge (Sir John Wall). They've all been tempted to push a pawn or two. Read their stories here.


FEN: 3r3k/6pp/1rN4/3Q4/8/8/BpB3pp/7K
WHITE: Kh1, Qd5, Ba2, Nd6. PAWNS: g2, h2
BLACK: Kh8, Qc2, Rd8. PAWNS: b2, g7, h7
White to move

Give up?

1. Qg8+ Rxg8 2. Nf7


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