BCA – Bringing Chess To Visually Impaired People


My friend talked me into joining BCA.  I’m pleased I did!  I’ve played chess with so many friendly people and I love the audio chess magazine.  It helps me very much with my chess learning.  


I just wanted to thank you again for the board.

Having been very depressed when you sent it about my sight this helped me keep playing, and I’ve now set up a chess club for kids and have taught a few adults to play.

Today I played OTB at the [local] chess club, and feel very grateful. It might have seemed a little thing, but it genuinely made a difference to my mental health, and I am able to give back to my local community.

I don’t feel so shut in, and you genuinely helped me. Thanks.

I run an afterschool chess club at our local library on Wednesday for children, which is well attended, and an adult session on Fridays.

I’ve been approached to teach chess at a local youth club too, so that little seed really has helped so much.

Two of my chess children took part in the UK primary school tournaments and got as far as the mega finals, while another of them is signing up to play in local tournaments this autumn.

Locally I’m not the ‘blind lady,’ I’m the ‘chess lady.’

Mary L