BCA – Bringing Chess To Visually Impaired People

BOOKING FORM for the 2024 BCA BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP (22nd to 29th June) – in Memory of GRAHAM LILLEY




Are you a BCA member?

If you are not already a member please contact us before booking.

Name of person making the booking.

When this form is submitted a copy of the details you have input will be sent to the email address entered above.

If you require accommodation for this event please only add the names of people who will be sharing a room with you. You will need to complete the form again for members of your group who require a different room.

Will anyone in your booking be bringing a guide dog?

Please tell us the person’s name, telephone number and their relationship to the person(s) in this booking.

Please note that an emergency contact must be someone who is not also attending this event.  

If you are booking for more than one person you can provide different emergency contacts for each person if you wish.  

If you’re not yet sure who your emergency contact will be, enter “To be confirmed” or “TBC” and let the organiser know later on.

How would you like to receive your event programme?

If this booking is for more than one person and you require programmes in different formats please use Other Details at the foot of this form to tell the organiser.

Do all persons in this booking consent to photographs and videos that contain their image being used on the BCA website and in social media?

Photographs and video clips will be taken during the event for publicity purposes.  Typically the images will be of people playing chess, receiving prizes and enjoying social events.  If you have answered ‘No’ and this booking is for more than one person please use Other Details at the foot of this form to tell us who doesn’t want their image to be used.


Would you like to book accommodation for this event at The Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate?
Room type.

Please note that rooms can only be booked one at a time on this form.  If more than one room is required for your group please complete this form again.

Will everyone in this booking be arriving on the event start date and departing on the event end date?
Does anyone in your party have special dietary requirements?
Does anyone in your party require assistance in case of a fire alarm at night?

Examples of special requests include a preference for a bath or a shower; a need for a walk-in shower; a preference to be near the lift or stairs.

Do you consent for the name(s), room type, dates of arrival and departure, and any special requirements in your booking to be sent to the hotel?

Please note that we cannot process your accommodation booking without this consent.


Does anyone named in this booking wish to enter the chess tournament?

Please state Open or Challengers for each player in this booking.

Please note that bye requests are not permitted in the final round.

Do all persons in this booking who are entering the chess tournament consent for their forename, surname, club, results, gender and, if you are under 18 years old your date of birth, to be sent to the ECF for rating purposes?

Please note that we cannot accept tournament entries without this consent.


The closing date for this event is the 10th of May 2024. Are you booking on or before the closing date?

Please note that if you have missed the closing date the organiser may not be able to accept your booking and that if your booking is accepted, a late supplement of £10 per person may apply.

Examples of payments using members’ rates:

Single room £57 per night, for the week £399, if playing chess add £10 for the entry fee.

Shared room £48 per person per night, for 2 people for the week £672 and add £10 for each chess player who is entering the tournament.

If there is an Under 18 Sighted UK resident member or an Under 25 Visually Impaired UK resident member in your booking please note this in Other Details at the foot of this form and leave the payment amount blank as special discounts will apply.  The organiser will contact you. 

Note that there is a car parking charge of £10 per day payable direct to the The Old Swan Hotel on arrival.  Do not include the car parking fee in the amount you will pay to the BCA.

If you are unsure how much your booking will cost please leave the payment amount blank and the organiser will tell you how much to pay.  You are not committing to anything by completing this form.

Please wait for confirmation that the amount is correct before making your payment.

Note that we cannot accept card payments at this time. 

Payment by bank transfer is strongly encouraged as cheques can be delayed in the post and your booking cannot be confirmed until payment has been received.


If applicable, don’t forget to mention programme formats, who doesn’t want photographs or videos of them to be used for publicity, non-standard arrival and departure dates, special dietary requirements and if there is an Under 18 Sighted UK resident member or an Under 25 Visually Impaired UK resident member in your booking.  You can also include any other information that you would like to send to the organiser.

Thank you for completing this form.  Please now click the Submit button!