BCA – Bringing Chess To Visually Impaired People

Tactile Chess Sets

Visually impaired players use a tactile set which they are allowed to touch during play. The dark squares are raised above the light squares and the pieces of one colour (usually Black) are capped by small pins or spikes. Each piece is secured in the middle of the square either by a peg in the bottom of the piece which goes into a hole in the square or by magnets in both the piece and the square.

We currently have pegged Staunton sets available in two sizes. A 25cm board at £42 and a 33cm board at £59. Visually impaired members who live in the UK can buy their first set at £30 or £47.

Kindly note that we prefer members to have taken out a five year subscription or life membership in order to access subsidies on chess equipment.