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BCA Membership Application Form

BCA Membership Application Form
Are you at least 16 years old?
If you are under 16, please do not complete this form yourself. Please ask your parent or guardian to contact us.

When this form is submitted a copy of the details you have input will be sent to the email address entered above.

Are you resident in the UK?
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Subscription Type

If you are unsure which one to select please contact us. If there is a fee we will send payment instructions on receipt of your membership application form. Please note that we cannot accept card payments at this time.

If you qualify for the Under 18 or Under 25 Subscription please tell us your Date of Birth.

Which formats can be used to send you information about the BCA and our activities (tick more than one if applicable)?
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The email forum is used for tournament announcements, BCA news and discussions about chess. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.
Would you like to be added to the BCA’s Email Address List?
The email address list is circulated quarterly and you have to be on the list in order to receive a copy. The purpose is to help members keep in touch with each other e.g. to arrange friendly games.
For example, are you a complete beginner, a home player, an online player or a club player?  Do you have a rating?
Are you interested in buying an adapted chess set?
Kindly note that we prefer members to have taken out a five year subscription or life membership in order to access subsidies on chess equipment.
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