BCA – Bringing Chess To Visually Impaired People

2024 BCA Summer Cup – Saturday 13th July to Saturday 21st September

The Summer Cup will be a five round tournament in which games are played on any mutually agreed internet based platform such as Zoom, Skype, Lichess or WhatsApp.  The default platform will be Zoom as the majority of people find this accessible and people can dial into meetings if they prefer.

The event will run for 10 weeks with one round every two weeks.  Games are played at a mutually convenient time agreed by the two players.  One point will be awarded for a win and half a point for a draw.  Ideally, there should be a third-party timekeeper for each game unless it is played on a dedicated chess server such as Lichess.  If they wish, players will be able to take a half point bye in any one of the first four rounds and will be able to arrange this at fairly short notice.  The arbiters will be Gerry Walsh and Julie Leonard.  Bittor Ibanez has once again kindly volunteered to collate all the games for us.

The tournament will be open to all members and associate members of the BCA.  Entry is free.  Depending on the entries, we may be able to incorporate a Challengers’ section for those whose rating or estimated rating is below 1450, and a Ladies’ section.  Whether or not this is possible, the tournament will be a friendly and fairly informal event.  We urge members and associate members to “have a go” regardless of their playing strength.  Results will be sent for rating in the ECF Online Rating system, which is separate from over the board ratings.

To enter please complete this form by Monday 8th July.  If you cannot use the form, you may email your entry to the organiser, Julie Leonard, at organiser.summercup@braillechess.org.uk, giving your full contact details, your location or time zone if you’re not in the UK and stating which playing platforms you can use.  You must also give consent for your contact details to be shared with all 2024 Summer Cup players and arbiters and for rating information to be sent to the ECF.